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Enquiry for website cost information

I often get an enquiry for website cost information about our pricing options. For that reason I have developed a form letter that I send to clients, which comprehensively, yet in a nutshell, covers the most important points. If the client asks a specific question I will modify this reply, to incorporate the specifics. The […]

WordPress Updates and Maintenance

WordPress Updates are often neglected. The reasons to keep a WordPress site up to date are plentiful, and beyond the scope of this article. The consequence of the failure to update and maintain is the reason this article is being written. WordPress is the most commonly used CMS in the world, and is currently the […]

A Glossary of Terms

 A Glossary of TermsThis post will contain a glossary of terms I use on a daily basis. Because I’m extremely guilty of Geek-speak, we thought it would be a great idea to make a list of the words and phrases I often use to confuse myself, and to share these with you, just to spread […]

Instant Website Success

Instant Website Success Guaranteed! Or rather, to be more accurate, Instant Website Success Guaranteed – Not! To the person who is planning to get a new website, the one thing they MUST NOT do, is believe anyone who promises them instant success and gratification on the Internet. Here at CMS Website we’re in the fortunate […]

Website Sales Bullshit and Money

Website Bullshit Sales baffles Brains every time – for a while… One of my pet peeves, it’s actually a bit more than a peeve, it’s almost an obsession, is how people allow themselves to believe Website Sales bullshit, and then throw money after it. As in every industry, website design and development has its fair […]

Reasons to have a website

There is no single answer when asked for the reasons to have a website. In fact, a simple Google Search will show you that there are as many responses as there are people writing about the reasons to have a website. The most important reason, in our opinion, and which is not listed on our […]