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We strongly advise using WordPress as a Content Management System website, or CMS Website for short, for your business, your online store, or your personal blog. It makes sense, for many reasons. We offer a range of services that have been developed over several years to provide you and your website with a no-to-low hassle way to get your business online with a Content Management System Website.


WordPress CMS

We design and develop WordPress websites for one reason, and one reason only: We love WordPress.
We also enjoy taking a project, putting all the bits and pieces together, and then creating something beautiful from it all.

We have local clients, and we have clients from all over the world. The internet has made it possible for us to serve clients anywhere from our small and dedicated not-a-boutique WordPress Website studio, based in East London, South Africa.

Because we're small, because we work from home, and because we love what we do, we usually work weird hours. From early in the morning, until late at night are our office hours. This helps with our international clients, as they know we are often available when they need us.

Two ordinary people. That's who we are.

We have adult and teen children, we have two dogs who allow us to use their office. We go grocery shopping, and we sell at craft markets. We have an old car. We're your next door neighbours.

We have the maturity, the knowledge, the experience and the skills to turn your website into a showpiece you will be proud of.

Mail us from our website to discuss your new website. Or have a look at our Packages and our Prices before you get in touch.