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Testimonials from our happy clients!

Testimonials website links disclaimer: Providing website links for our clients who give us testimonials is a courtesty, and does not necessarily always mean that the work we did was work done on a website or on that particular website.

Mark J. Leeds

"Of all the Internet dollars spent, of all the time and money thrown at the Internet, the best bang for the buck and the best decision I have made is to use TnT."
-- Mark J. Leeds, Florida (U.S.) personal injury attorney, of

Fiona Wishart

"Terry and Tony created my website for me last year. At first I thought because I was in Australia the time zone difference could be an issue but it in no way hindered their service or their response time. Their patience with my change requests and the advice they gave me on the layout exceeded my expectations. They were at all times professional and courteous. I have had very positive feedback about my website and I am extremely pleased that Terry and Tony created it. They are highly recommended!"
-- Fiona Wishart of Australia

Leon and Sharon Delport

"Well done to Terry and Tony for their creative suggestions and guidance and overall willingness to give us the service and working website we expected from such professional people. We are very happy with their work and can recommend them to anyone."
Leon and Sharon Delport of Fourteenth Green Guest Lodge, East London

Tanya Vorster

"Nothing was too much trouble for you and I greatly appreciate all your many hours of hard work to make my accommodation site absolutely fab."
-- Tanya Vorster of Bramlyn b&b

Brenda Evans

"Terry and Tony – when we first approached you we were a bit apprehensive, having had a previous bad and very expensive experience, and we must commend you on your professionalism, talent, speedy responses and sheer genius!"
-- Brenda Evans of Stay in Beacon Bay
(The site is no longer live)

Joe Pitt

"It is not often that one feels the need to let others know about extraordinary services received from providers." "I was also very impressed with the price. It is a fraction of what I paid for a lesser site in Pretoria – a site that cost an arm and a leg."
-- Joe Pitt of Pitt Education

Neville Preston

"I'm pleased with the service I've received from Terry and Tony, and I would recommend them to anybody looking for an incredibly affordable and efficient web designer."
-- Neville Preston of

Dave Hartwanger

"I’m very happy and impressed with your customer service. I hope to continue doing business with you for a long time to come."
-- Dave Hartwanger of Buffalo Regatta and Hartwanger Boats
(The sites are no longer live)

Gill Smulders

"I have had such a pleasant experience working with Terry and Tony. Efficient, friendly and affordable. What a pleasure. I recommend their services confidently to all and sundry!"
-- Gill Smulders of CRED

Kathy Atkinson

"I would like to thank you both for the excellent service that I received. Your prompt and friendly service was greatly appreciated, together with your professional approach to helping a complete beginner understand how to operate a website."
-- Kathy Atkinson of Home Earning Reports

Melinda Petzer

"To those reading this comment, Teresa and Tony created my website within a week and half. They were constantly corresponding, even late at night and over the weekend."
-- Melinda Petzer of Ocean Bed Gonubie Self Catering

Rowan Kidson

"Having tried to ‘design’ my own web site initially, TnT’s quick, efficient and helpful assistance in putting my site together saved me a few grey hairs!! Very cost effective and they are always willing to help with changes and updates."
-- Rowan Kidson of Jumping Pillows

Butch Coetzee

"Your feedback and response time is awesome. It has been a pleasure working with you guys."
-- Butch Coetzee of

Aziz Obaray

"You definitely went the 'extra mile' - We need more people in our country like you!"
-- Aziz Obaray of Aztech Industrial Electronics

Frik de Klerk

"I can confidently recommend “Terry and Tony – TnT Unleashed” as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field."
-- Frik de Klerk, photographer


"TnT, that sure is appropriate for this special team that is working with me on my site. Is there anything you can't do? Great Job."
-- Gene of Senior Citizens Moving Assistance in the U.S.

Petra Horne

"Not being a very creative person and not knowing anything about websites, I can only say thanks to TnT firstly for your patience and of course for your help, suggestions and guidance. It is refreshing to work with people who get things done with no fuss."
-- Petra of Petra and Spuds Self Catering
(The site is no longer live)

Hettie Mathie and Lyn Lupke

Hettie: "I appreciate(d) your service in terms of a number of different elements in your service:
It was fast, it was abundant and it enabled us. I learnt so much!"
Lyn: "Thanks so much for everything!! You guys were amazing. I've been in PhD classes and have had no time but you were there ALL the time sorting things out in the most professional way EVER!! You are an inspiration when it comes to service and your heart attitude - despite the "business" side of things, you ran with and attended to everything while I was "absent" and cared about the outcome. Our website is world-class!" - Lyn
-- Hettie Mathie and Lyn Lupke of Mindfulness Training in Pretoria.

Testimonials website links disclaimer: Providing website links for our clients who give us testimonials is a courtesty, and does not necessarily always mean that the work we did was work done on a website or on that particular website.