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On this page you will find a full list of the CMS Website services we offer to our clients. This list has evolved, and developed,  over the years, resulting in a comprehensive list of the services prospective clients would be interested in.

There are aspects of web design, such as advanced graphic design, that we out-source to professionals in that field.

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List of Our Services:


Website Related Services

WordPress website custom design
Web-design-40With the vast number of WordPress themes now available, it is very seldom that it is really necessary to design a WordPress theme from scratch. It does however happen that we or the client cannot find that perfect base for a website, and it becomes necessary to design a theme within the specific requirements. Custom designed themes can be very costly. We have developed a "Bare" theme from which we develop our custom themes, but even this is often insufficient to reduce costs considerably.

Custom themes will not cost less than R4500.

WordPress set-up
Web-Development-40Provide us with the log in details to your website hosting account, and we will load WordPress for you. After loading WordPress we will make several settings to improve your site, and load a few plug-ins we consider essential for every WordPress powered website. If there are specific plug-ins, or a specific theme you want us load, tell us, and we will load them as well. The plugins will be activated, and the new theme will be set to be your default.

Basic set-up: R300
Plug-ins: Please enquire, as some plug-ins do take considerable time to set up.
Themes: To Download and activate: R100

WordPress lessons
SEO-Training-40We offer a wide range of WordPress lessons, from WordPress Dashboard Orientation, to WordPress Power User. Before we give a lesson we need to know your current level of familiarity with the platform, as well as the particular lesson you require.

WordPress lessons can be delivered personally, or via Skype, at R250 per hour, or part thereof.

We have found that one on one lessons yield the best knowledge retention, and reccomend that only 1 person in an office take the lesson at a time.

Group lessons are possible, but will be delivered as a lecture/presentation, with a Q&A session at intervals.

Website analysis
Website-Visibility-40If you feel you website is not doing what you feel it should be, we will do an anlaysis of your website, using a comprehensive check-list, covering not only the appearance and first impressions, but also delving into your code, and assessing your site against accepted best practices. For a more thorough discussion, and costs, of what website analysis entails, please go to our Website analysis page.


Content editing
All too often we come across websites with content that, at face value, is great, but as soon as we start reading it, it becomes apparent that the writer of the content may not be as proficient in the use of the English language as they could, or should have been. Poor language on websites is becoming more prevalent, for several reasons. The two main reasons being hiring of foreign language writers to provide content at minimal rates, and the other reason is due to the lowered standard of English being taught at our schools.

As a website owner you very likely don't have the time to read and correct everything that goes onto your site.
We are able to do this for you. language is very important to us, and we will scrutinise your copy for grammatical and spelling errors before it goes onto your website.

Costs for this service vary, depending on the level of editing you want performed. Costs will be quoted per assignment, after sight of the copy in question.

Preliminary scrutiny of the copy is not charged for.

Content writing
In our early days much of our income came from content writing for our own clients, and from international sources. Content writing is no longer as prominent in our day to day activities, but still features as a service we are proud to offer.

Our written content is grammatically correct, will follow formal or colloquial style as required, will have no spelling errors, will be soundly researched, and if required will be optimized for specific provided keywords or keyphrases.

Costs for this service vary, depending on the level of content writing you want. Costs will be quoted per assignment.

General website help
We often get enquiries from people who own and manage their own websites when they encounter an issue they are unable to resolve on their own. Very often the issue is in fact an oversight, but because these people are not website designers or developers they are unable to source the problem. Just as frequently the client wants to achive a particular effect, but is unable to get it right - again because, although they are professionals in their own fields, they are not professional website designers/developers.

Finding solutions to problems on websites can be done a whole lot easier if one has knowledge of where to start looking, which does require a knowledge of what makes up a page on a website, and this is where we come in.

Most clients who approach us for help with their websites never get an invoice as the fix is very simple, and takes little more than a minute or two. More complex solutions will be charged for, at R250 per hour, or part thereof.

Image editing
It very seldom happens that a photograph can be used on a website exactly as it was taken. Photographs may need to be brightened up, a dog going to the toilet in the background may escape the photographer when the photograph is taken, but it will not escape the attention of a visitor to your website. You may want specific effects on your photos, or specific crops.

Costs for this service vary, depending on the level of editing you want performed. Costs will be quoted per assignment, after sight of the photographs in question.

Image re-sizing
With almost no exceptions photographs taken with most modern cameras, and most new cell-phones, are just too large to be optimal for website use. There is little to no reason to load a photograph to your website if the user has to wait for it to download, and then has to scroll left to right, as well as up and down to see only a portion of the photo at any time.

Resizing an image will use considerably less server space than a full size photo, it will load much faster than a full size photo, and the viewer will be able to see the entire photo all at the same time.

There are certain optimum sizes that will display satisfactorily on all monitors. Send us your photos, and we will return them to you in 3 standard sizes, for you to use as you wish.

Costs are calculated on a sliding scale, with a starting cost of R45 for 10 images, to R2.50 per image for more than 100 images.
This service does not include any photo editing at all, and does not include increasing the size of an image.

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