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On this page you will find a full list of the other related services we offer to our clients. This list has evolved, and developed,  over the years, resulting in a comprehensive list of the services prospective clients would be interested in.

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List of Our Other Related Services:


Our Other Related Services

East London beach family photo shoots
fujifilm cameraBring your family along, and meet us down at the beach (or another location) for some quality fun filled time with your family, while we take photographs - creating memories that will last forever.

We prefer an informal shoot. Firstly because we don't have a studio, and secondly because it is so much more fun, especially for the children. We don't give you a selection of watermarked images to choose from - we give you a CD/DVD loaded with all the photos taken. We will separate those we consider the nicest photos, and put them into a separate folder, and we will do a few specially edited photos.

Our Beach Family Photo Shoots start at R400.



East London accommodation establishment photo shoots
fujifilm cameraWhen taking photo shoots at accommodation establishments our primary focus is on showing visitors exactly what they can expect to find when visiting the establishment. We will take photos in each accommodation unit, in reception, in the dining area, conference area, pool area, tennis court, gym, and around the property.

We take several hours to do this. As with our beach family photo shoots we do not select any photos. We will provide all the photos to the client on a CD/DVD with a folder containing selected images, and another folder containg special edits. At the end of the day it is the clients decision as to which photos they want to use.

Our accommodation photo shoots start at R600, and increases, depending on the size of the establishment.


Product photography
fujifilm cameraWe have not always offered product photography as a service. Valuable lessons have been learned taking photos of our own products, and we're ready and able to provide the results of those lessons to our clients who need photos of their products. As far as possible we prefer to use natural light, and natural backgrounds, but we are not averse to mini-studio photography.

A base cost of R400 applies. Further costs are determined by the number of products requiring photos.

Again, we do not select photos, we provide all photos on a CD/DVD with folders of all photos, our selection of favourites, and a special edits folder.



Image sourcing
Image-Search-40Many clients - especially those in professional fields such as law and accounting need to find images relevant to particular topics in their field, but don't know where to find them. As a fee based service we can assist clients who are looking for such images. Costs vary according to topic and type of image required.

Drop us an e-mail with your requirements and we will provide you with a cost.

Internet research
Global-Search-40One of our core competencies has always been to find relevant information on the Internet - an abilitythat has served us well for several clients, and for our content writing. Rather than accepting - at face value - the first results we find, we delve deeper into the topic, in order to provide sound well balanced information. information that will be presented to you with all sources listed.

This service is charged for according to the specific topic, and the level of research required. Use the form on this page to ask us for a cost quotation.

Keyword research (and providing a list of keywords your site should be targeting)
Keyword-Research-40Based on your specific business, your location, and your geographic client base we will compile a list of keywords you will need to target on your website. The keyword list will reflect relevant data - such as search volumes - and will be presented in a list ranging from most important to least important. The keyword list will include key phrases.

The keyword list we provide can be used as the basis on which you write the content for your site.

Order your Keyword list from us, for R300, on this page.

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO-Guide-40Based on your specific business, your location, and your geographic client base we will edit a page on your website to improve the on page search engine optimization on that specific page. Before we start we record relevant measurable data against which to compare the page over a period of time.

Not all pages can be edited or improved, and will need to be re-written - in which case our content writing rates will apply. For this reason we will want to see the page before we work on it.

We suggest that the first page to be given this treatment be the home page of your website.

To order On-page SEO, fill in the form on this page.

Website competitor analysis
Website-Visibility-40When providing a website competitor analysis we first analyze your website, and then using the same metrics we compare your site against 2 competitors in your field.

You are free to select the competitor websites yourself. We would select your competitors from search endine results, and using a specific search phrase would select 1 competitor who is ahead of you in the search engine results page, and 1 competitor who is below you.

For a more thorough discussion, and costs, of what website analysis entails, please go to our Website analysis page


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