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Boerewors Roll Website Package

Boerewors Roll

* R2100 /Once Off

Suitable for a Small Business

This package provides enough functionality for almost all users.

  • We load WordPress to your hosting space, and do a few settings to help you on your way.
  • We activate Akismet to control spam, as well as
  • We load and activate Wordfence Security.
  • We load and activate WordPress SEO.
  • We load and activate the "Mail from" plugin
  • We load and activate a theme of your choice, from the selection provided
  • We create a StatCounter account for you
  • We load a generic Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
  • We submit your site to leading Search Engines to expedite indexing of your site.

You get all of the following:

  • We load and activate a Form plugin, set up a maximum of 2 forms for you.
  • We load and activate a Slideshow plugin for you, as well as load and activate a Lightbox plugin for you.
  • We load and activate a Social Sharing plugin for you, linking to your personal/business profile.
  • We load and activate the Kwayy HTML Sitemap plugin, and create a site map page.

PLEASE NOTE: (*) Next to costs indicate that certain conditions apply, notably, the availability of a domain, and suitable website hosting.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need extra help or more work done on your site, we charge extra, and accordingly, depending on what it is you need help with, or what work you want done. Visit our services page to view a list of our other services

PLEASE NOTE: Our Website Packages prices DO NOT include domain and hosting. You need to add extra costs to any of the website packages prices below (and the one above) if you will be ordering domain registration and website hosting - from us, or from somebody else.
A quick general guide of our own domain and hosting services pricing is that we charge R120 for domain registration, and R190 for .com domain registration (renewable yearly), and for website hosting we charge R400 per year, for 100 meg disk space, with unlimited bandwidth.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Website Packages prices DO NOT include Website Search Engine Optimization or any website marketing. Marketing of your site is up to you, or you would need to hire us (or somebody else) to do your site's marketing for you. If hiring us, please note that the only website marketing services that we offer are on-page Search Engine Optimization services. Viewing a long list of free ways to advertise your business or website may be helpful.