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Want Your Own Blog?


Do you want your own blog? Your very own blog? Not a free blog, but rather your professional (or casual, if you like!) very own blog?

You can get your very own blog through us, Terry and Tony (or TanT) so contact us!

for just:

R120 for a domain or R190 (about $19) for a .com or .net or .info domain (renewable yearly)

R400 (about $40) hosting - with 100 meg disk space, unlimited bandwidth space, and unlimited email addresses should you want them
(renewable yearly)

R300 (about $30) (once off) for installation of the Content Management System WordPress

and including:

Some basic WordPress settings already done for you, including activation of the Akisment comment spam filter in case you want to allow comments on your blog

Installation of four WordPress plugins:
A comprehensive security plugin
a Search Engine Optimization plugin
a form manager plugin
– once you have your site you can visit the "add new" in the plugins section of your site, and can choose from over 30 000 free plugins (including shopping cart plugins) and can install your chosen ones yourself

A user manual and at least two links to online pages that will help you with learning how to manage your new site. Note that you will be adding your own navigation tabs (home, about, contact etc), your own content and your own images etc. The user manual will help you with this.

Free support via email – questions answered, links to where the answers are, or any quotes for our service prices should you think you may need help with something.

Why would you want your own blog rather than a free blog?

It's a little more professional to have your own domain and hosting, and you can better control any ads on the blog - you can have ads or not have ads, and, if you have ads, you can place them wherever you like on your blog.

Why bother with getting and managing one's own blog at all?

Question 1.
You may be making use of a Facebook Page or other social site profiles, or forums or advertising sites, to promote your business, so why get your own blog (or site) too?

Somebody asks you the question: "Do you have a website?" and you could give one of two answers: "No, but I have a Facebook page." or, "Yes, I have a website, here's my business card with my website's name on it."
Now which answer sounds more professional?

Question 2.
You may be earning extra income blogging or writing articles on online writing sites, so why get your own blog (or site) too?

Read 18 Advantages of blogging on my own blog rather than on online writing sites

Question 3.
I'm fresh out of school or university and I cannot find a job. Or, I have lost my job, can't find a job, and need to make money from home. Or, I need to earn extra income. What am I supposed to do for money that won't cost me much to start?

Get your own blog or site,
work hard at getting lots of people to visit your site
(learn and use SEO, leave links to your site on other sites, advertise your site, etc),

and make money from:

- blogging (writing on your site and earning from the ads you place on your site)
- getting clients for the services you offer (and that you speak about on your site)
- getting customers for the products or craft items you sell (and that you speak about on your site)

CONTACT US about getting your own blog (or site) NOW!

Extra Note: We do also do and offer other website or blog related services - for example we can quote on a more involved site than the package described above, or can assist even if you already have your own domain, or own domain and hosting, or already have your own site. Just contact us and ask us questions!

Potential website or blog customers outside of South Africa are welcome to contact us too.

© Copyright Teresa Schultz and Tony Flanigan 2014


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