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WordPress CMS Website overview


Have a look at our WordPress CMS website packages further down on this page. A WordPress CMS website is not so much about the way it looks, but about the way it works, and what it can do for you and the visitors to your site. For that reason, we don't really consider the number of pages, or the amount of content you have for your website, but rather the level of interaction required.

Coffee. And WordPress. Making the world a Better Place.

Coffee. And WordPress. Making the world a Better Place.

Getting your website to do things
Most interaction on a WordPress CMS website is created by adding a plug-in. There are currently almost 36 000 plugins available from WordPress. This does not mean that there are that many types of interaction, as many plugins are very similar in function, and many plugins are outdated.

Basic Plugins
The most common interactions required are Forms, and Slideshows. Plugins also provide social website buttons, for liking, sharing, and following. There are also plugins that don't appear to do anything, but work in the background to keep your site safe and secure.

Specific Function Plugins
It is our experience that the number, and types of required plugins for most websites is actually quite small. We have selected specific plugins for inclusion in our packages. Additional plugins are listed separately, and would form part of a site that requires additional specific functionality, such as sending out Newsletters, or hosting conferences. The latter plugins are listed separately.

Make your site look good
Of course it is also important that your site looks good. For our Hot Dog and Boerewors Roll packages we offer a selection of different themes for you to choose from. When we install a theme we activate it, and add your branding to it. Any further modifications to the theme will be charged for as an additional service.

What comprises a WordPress Package from CMS Website
As always we start with the WordPress Operating System. We install it, we activate it, and we do several generic settings. We offer 4 packages. From the absolute minimum anyone would need to get started, to as fancy as you like.

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